The Future For Smokers

go-smokingThe World Health Organisation has a vision for the future which gives some insight into tobacco control’s regulatory thinking.

The WHO predicts smoking will rise, people prone to “tobacco related diseases” can be identified at birth, illegal sales will overtake legal sales, no tobacco will be grown in the USA, no duty free with the price of tobacco to be set around the world, and tobacco will be genetically modified as a highly profitable medicinal crop.

It seems smokers will be still needed as cash cows, fodder for jobsworths, and guinea pigs in the WHO’s future, which also includes plain packaging, but we will be licensed as drug addicts.

Some of the things included in this 50 year wet dream include those things that one assumes did happen between 2000 and 2010 like Tobacco Companies buying into Big Pharma and the industry seeking regulation on its own terms.

Of course the reason excuse to keep the funds pouring in is the chiiildren and third world poverty and whatever it is they are planning – without any democratic process involved at all – will not involve asking smokers what they think.

Do check out the link above because I haven’t time this to write about the whole thing. Someone drew my attention to it and it appears to be something we can do nothing about thanks to Labour selling our soul to the FCTC

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