Get A Life

smoking-is-badIt’s called Coughing when you walk by smokers and hope they get the message

The group description reads: “Don’t you just love it when you walk by someone smoking and all of the sudden you break out coughing? Maybe they’ll get the message. SMOKING IS BAD!”

I joined the thing to leave a comment and check it out and found that it is full of the same kind of faking bigots. They scream that they are being murdered by smokers when they are not affected at all – but pretend to be. There are also lots of spammers advertising iphones on the group page so one can only hope that this group is not taken too seriously, and it’s message of hate and intolerance does not spread too far.

I really didn’t think that humans who pretend to “care” about people could sink so low. Even if by some miracle they really do want to be sure that smokers they’ve never met will live to be 100, then maybe they should get better informed about smoking and health.

Anyone who cares to go to the evidence, and not just believe what is spoon fed to a compliant media through self interest group press release, will know that it is more dangerous for lifelong smokers to quit.

The stupid and grotesquely immature chiiildren who set up this page need to grow up, get a life, and stop telling those who know better how to live theirs.

Meanwhile, I’m still hopeful that one day this NuGovt will actually stop giving state backing to such hatred and intolerance. According to Damien Green, tolerance and freedom of choice is the British way.

It’s about time we British smokers saw some of it.

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