Light Blogging, Festival, And Other Stuff

pubs-need-smokersSimon Clark at Forest has the details. If I’d known he was there, I would have popped in to say hello but it’s probably just as well because it would have diverted me from my MA dissertation which must be handed in by 2pm next Monday. Yikes! Happily I’m on course but worried because of having to work an hour and half travel distance each way from home next week. That will leave me just a few twilight hours to work to get it all organised.

The 90 minute film drama is finished, apart from one scene to add and another to tweak. The premise, synopsis, and statement of intent, is very almost there and I need a bit of thought space, and then a touch of editing to the 6000 word critical review before I can say I’m done but I will make next Monday’s deadline.

All of this is the reason for my light blogging of late. I’ve been keeping my eye on other blogs and note congrats are in order for some of my faves – F2C, Dick Puddlecote, Taking Liberties, Velvet Glove Iron Fist, Underdogs Bite Upwards, OH and Anna Raccon who all scored top 10 or 30 in the Total Politics Libertarian blog awards.

Unless anything gets me back to my ranting old self before next Monday, I’ll leave with a couple of thought provoking posts from Dick Puddlecote who writes about how ASH are trying to justify their own existence and Leg Iron who reports about the latest self interest group which is set to ruin the world.

* Dan Donovan’s Photos above are pinched from Taking Liberties.

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