This Is Pure Filth !

As Dick Puddlecote says, it is pure health porn and we have to pay for the abuse as well!

I saw a still of this earlier today on the Freedom2Choose blog and I’m truly shocked having now watched the whole thing.
I’m astonished that the The Birmingham NHS trust thinks ” this hard hitting message will stop people smoking.” Get real! It will make them angry and it could actually lead to smokers being beaten on the street — or is that the covert intention….?

I don’t care what the voiceover says, the overall message says only one thing – “it’s perfectly acceptable to beat up a smoker if you don’t like them because they are hurting themselves anyway.”


This tax-payer funded expensive NHS smoke-free quango has only one aim – to eradicate smoking and smokers by any means. It’s time for protection against this sort of incitement to violence for everybody – and not just everybody except smokers!

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