F2c Fight For The Rights Of The Mentally Ill

Thanks to Freedom2Choose, it seems the Scottish Government is to debate a petition calling for a review of the consultation document “Achieving Smoke Free Mental Health Services in Scotland”.

Over at the F2C blog, it says that Eddie Douthwaite, spokesperson for the pro-choice group, has cited numerous flaws in the consultation document. He complains that it has a pre-determined outcome, lacks supporting evidence and uses leading questions to misguide the public and mental health service users.

Absolutely, I would say. I also think that, actually, the Scottish health freaks have no intention of listening to anything other than their own prejudices. They want to eradicate smoking and the mentally ill are a very soft and easy target to bully into giving up.

All this brought to mind the speech given by Dr Jan Snel from the University of Amsterdam who can be seen in the video above giving his speech at The International Coalition Against Prohibition (TICAP) conference held last year in Brussels.
But will the Scottish Government care about the advice from such a renowned expert? I very much doubt it.
The sooner these self-serving bigots in any Parliament in the UK are voted out of office, the sooner we can celebrate the return of freedom to our land.

I wish the petition well. I am, however, too cynical to think that the Scottish Government gives a damn!
And…. while I’m on the subject and ready to rant, I might as well say that the sooner we cut off Scotland from the UK, close the border, make it so we have to a passport to get through, the better I will like it because I don’t think it is conducive to democracy to have an independent Scotland whose MPs can sit and vote in our parliament but out English MPs cannot sit and vote in theirs.

I think we can all see what damage the puritancial Scots have done to this country … and yes, that also includes the Goon Brown.

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