Smoking Fun At Festival

smoking-festivalDue to be held at The Jolly Brewer on Broadgate, Lincoln, it started as a way of respecting those smokers who the landlady – a smoker herself along with all of her staff – didn’t want to chuck out in the cold.

The event will be held over the August Bank Holiday weekend from Friday 28th to Monday 31st and a right feast of musical talent is on offer as well as great company.

Emma Chapman, who runs the pub, heard about the TICAP anti-prohibition conference which was held in Brussels last January. She couldn’t attend but wanted to know all the details. It would have been great to hold a similar conference locally but there were some rules about pubs and politics and Emma, understandably, didn’t want to end up getting on the wrong side of the local licensing officer.
However, a brilliant compromise has been reached and Emma has put aside one day of the weekend where disgruntled smokers can add their voice to the growing anti-ban campaign.

The JB regulars, and new visitors, will be able to pick up loads of information and sign a petition calling for an amendment to the current anti-social ban and make their voice heard on their right to choose.
This is an ideal way of letting those disaffected and ignored smokers, who know nothing about the campaigns running mostly online, have their say and get involved if they want to.

The full run down of the event and the details can be found online and a link to the JB’s website will appear below this article.
Personally, I can’t wait to hear the extra talented Jon Gomm on the Friday night who can make sounds out of his guitar that sound like he has a whole backing band behind him. He is just one out of a whole showcase of local talent on the agenda throughout the whole weekend.
Saturday is the main smoking campaign day and that begins at 8pm. Delegates from Freedom 2 Choose will be there and lots of information from the Save Our Pubs and Clubs amendthesmokingban campaign.

So anyone who hates this ban should get along to Lincoln and support this event. It will be a brilliant do and it is dedicated to you the smoker who has not been able to enjoy a decent social night out since this bigoted NuLab govt decided you don’t matter.
Phil Johnson, F2C club and pub liaison officer said : “Freedom2choose is proud to be part of the Smokers Music Festival as this festival clearly demonstrates the urgent need for CHOICE. We look forward to welcoming all like minded people on the 29th & 30th August.”

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