Temper Ruled Man Who Reported Himself To Police

temperTemper got the better of a Lincoln man who phoned police to tell them he was going to smash someone’s house up with a cricket bat, a court heard.
Lincoln magistrates were told that the defendant had been drinking and following a discussion between him and the police, he was arrested.

“He did have a small cricket bat down his trousers but he was not charged separately in relation to that,” Helen Jones, prosecuting, said.

“Three days later, police had occasion to go to an address to deal with an aggressive female. She was removed from the scene. She was upset and agitated.

“Other occupants shouted, swore and laughed at her after she had been removed by police but in the officer’s view they were making things more difficult and likely to upset the female further. They were causing officers additional harassment in carrying out their duties
“When an officer asked the group to calm down, this defendant swore at him.”

The 27 year old admitted using threatening or disorderly behaviour within the hearing or sight of someone likely to be caused alarm, harassment or distress on July 14 and July 19.

He said he took the cricket bat to the house because he had phoned police who wouldn’t do anything about his complaint. He said he believed the woman had tried to split him and his girlfriend up and that she had stolen his wallet which had lost him the chance of a full time job.

“I lost my temper but I am getting help with that. With regard to the second incident, I was just gobbing off. It was stupid, I’m sorry and I shouldn’t have done it.”
Magistrates fined him a total of £60 and ordered him to pay a £15 victim surcharge.

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