Time For Youths To Be Reined In

The latest tragedy we’ve heard about is Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Francis who both died at Fiona’s hands after she couldn’t take any more abuse from youths or the dismissal of her very real concerns by police.
Youth crime is a thing I know something about having had my own terrifying experience but the real cause of our distress was Lincolnshire Police – yes, that’s right, the force that has recently reported a 43% rise in complaints in one year and the same force which is at the bottom of a league table when it comes to public trust.

The photo above shows my other half Paul Hamp after he was blinded in his left eye by a gang of 30 yobs. As is his usual habit, Paul went out with the dog at about 8.30pm and was confronted by a gang of both young girls and boys sitting on his car. He told them to get off his car, to pick up the many empty beer cans that littered the street, and to sod off.

Their response was to turn on him and horrifically attack him. The eye injury was caused when one of the little blighters threw a full beer can at him. To save me recounting the circumstances, which is actually quite hard as this was the most traumatic experience I have ever witnessed, I link to a website here. I don’t know how they got Paul’s story or even who the Navigator is.


My point in dragging all this up again is to highlight how, I think, the Govt and the EU are responsible for these types of attacks and it all started with the Jamie Bulger case. The little scroats who tortured and killed him were tried in an adult court which the Eu thought was quite wrong, bless their little cotton socks.
The result was a kid glove handling of our youths who are allowed, quite literally, to get away with murder. Under NuLab we have seen a reorganisation of youth courts which are no more than wrist slapping back patting tribunals where the youth must be called by his first name and he or she must tell the justices how sorry they are before they are let off.


Trust me, I have seen a kid who kicked another half to death get three months of kiddie probabtion. The reason is because Chiiiiildren matter more than adults to this govt even when those kids are dangerous lunatics who need to be taught the difference between right and wrong.


Fiona Pilkington was let down by police who wouldn’t take her complaints seriously. In our case we were let down by police who quite simply couldn’t be bothered to investigate. The only person they arrested after this incident was Paul who was held in custody for 24 hours, had 4 months of court hearings before the case was dropped because of no evidence and then he was refused compensation because the police maintained “it was him what dun it, guv”. Evidence indeed, if any was needed, that you don’t have to be convicted of a crime in this country to be treated as though you had committed the offence in any event. The police say that the 30 youths we complained about said Paul attacked them first… and the coppers believed them despite having evidence to support our side from our neighbour who used to work for Gillian Merron MP at that time.


Despite the fact that this incident left me completely in shock, and led to the collapse of a very sucessful business I ran at the time, I have never even been given “victim” status and therefore unable to claim compensation. When I tried to get counselling from Victim Support I was sent away with a flea in my ear because the police hadn’t logged me as a victim.


The kids in question are part of a new generation that has found a jolly good wheeze by provoking and beating adults. We used to knock on doors and run away for infantile fun but today’s youths play “let’s beat ’em up and then get ’em done” and blow me it works!


I know things have got much worse under NuLab than the tories before them if I just compare the difference in incidents from then and now.
In the days of Maggie, I was sitting in my garden one day when a group of girls began harrassing me and calling me names. I lost the plot and ran, grabbed one of them as she tried to jump over my fence, and with the help of a neighbour, I hung on to her for a full half an hour until police arrived. I was advised that I shouldn’t really put my hands on a child – even though I held her clothing and not her skin – but it was the teenage girl who ultimtaely got into trouble because back then we knew the difference between right and wrong and she was in the wrong.


As the attack on Paul happened within the bounds of our own property, and his injury was sustained because he tried to defend himself, then it would seem to be that, in Lincolnshire at least, if any youth comes into your house to attack you, then you must let them or be locked up. If they threaten to break your windows, you must let them or you’ll be locked up. In fact chiiildren rule Britannia and there is nothing we adults can do when we are wronged by them – even less when they are backed to the hilt by local police forces who don’t seem to know themelves the difference between right and wrong.


An old story, perhaps, but one that comes back to my mind with every fresh new case of adult abuse by youths and the police who are supposed to be there to protect them. Thanks NuLab – is this one of the policies you are so proud of I wonder.

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