Woman Swore At Police Who “Wouldn’t Listen”



An angry woman was abusive to police because she claims they were not listening to her complaint, a court heard.

Lincoln magistrates were told officers saw the 39 year old acting aggressively on a residential street.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said she was shouting and swearing and told to calm down.

“She claimed she had been hit but she would offer no details of any offender despite being repeatedly asked,” Mr Clare said.

“She continued her abuse towards the officer and throwing her arms about and pacing. It was early evening and members of the public were alarmed by her behavior.”

The court heard that the defendant was arrested and cuffed and she continued to be aggressive.

She admitted using threatening behavior on May 21.

The defendant said she was drunk and apologized for her behavior but said she was only abusive because her partner had been beaten up and no-one was doing anything about it.

Magistrates fined her £50 and ordered her to pay a £15 surcharge.